Neck Pain chiropractor Rockville, MD

At the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, a Neck Pain chiropractor Rockville, MD patients turn to understands how pain can interfere with one’s life. Perhaps you were involved in an accident or have a condition where neck pain is frequent. We want you to know that at our clinic, we are experienced in helping patients work towards the wellness they have always imagined for themselves. Neck pain in particular can be quite uncomfortable and cause you to skip out on activities that you enjoy out of apprehension that the pain will get worse. Rest assured that you are in good hands at our clinic, and we can create a comprehensive care plan that addresses your needs.

The Cervical Spine

The neck (also referred to as the cervical spine), starts at the base of our skull and contains small vertebrae. The cervical spine supports the weight of our head, which is usually around twelve pounds. And while the cervical spine enables you to move your head in every direction, this degree of flexibility makes the neck area vulnerable to injury and pain. So essentially, what makes the neck susceptible to pain is partially due to biomechanics. Activities that affect the mechanics of our neck include repeated movements, injury accidents, falls, being hit in the head, sitting, and everyday use.

Some of the most common causes of neck pain that a chiropractor Rockville, MD patients trust has treated before often stem from: 

  • Daily Life: Obesity, improper posture, and weak abdominal muscles can interrupt the balance of the spine, causing the neck to bend at a curve slightly forward as a way to compensate. Emotional tension and stress can also cause muscles to become stiff. A major contributor to chronic neck pain is from postural stress.
  • Aging: Disorders related to degeneration such as spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and disc disease directly impact spinal health.
  • Osteoarthritis: A prevalent joint disorder that causes deterioration of cartilage. The human body responds by forming bone spurs which hinder joint motion.
  • Injury Accidents: Accidents that cause the neck to whip back and forth can cause severe damage to the vertebrae. A sudden movement of the neck or head either side to side or forward and backward results in a rebounding in the opposition direction (otherwise called whiplash). Muscles in the neck area react through contracting and tightening, leading to pain, stiffness, and muscle fatigue. In severe cases of whiplash, the injury can include discs, ligaments, muscles, intervertebral joints, and nerve roots.
  • Spinal Stenosis: The small passageways of nerves in the vertebrae narrow, trapping nerve roots and compressing them. Spinal stenosis can cause arm/shoulder pain and numbness, as the nerves are not able to function as they normally do.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease: Intervertebral discs become weak in their elasticity, and overtime, discs may herniate or bulge, causing pain, numbness, or tingling sensations which run down into the arm.

If you are dealing with neck pain right now, then please call the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for more information about how a Rockville, MD Neck Pain chiropractor can help!