Neck Massage Gaithersburg

Picture of FruitIf you’re feeling tension, pain, or strain around the head and shoulder area, you may benefit from a professional neck massage Gaithersburg practitioners have to offer. Pain in the neck can stem from whiplash after a car accident, a trauma, repetitive sports injury, working on a computer, or arthritic changes which occur with age. Couple these things in with an over-usage of the chronic tendency to look down at smartphone and tablets, and you significantly increase your chances of experiencing some sort of neck pain.

Neck Massage in Gaithersburg

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center offers therapeutic neck massage sessions which can help to release the muscles in the neck and shoulders and decrease episodes of tension headaches, eye strain, migraines, sinusitis, and chronic pain. Our medically trained doctors and massage therapists can also help to identify and correct any possible caustic habits which may be causing your neck pain; thereby enabling you to make healthy adjustments so you can be relieved of the debilitating feelings you’re likely experiencing.

The Primary Reasons for Neck Pain

Neck pain typically occurs from overuse and degenerative changes which can be related to the delicate anatomy we are born with. The neck is considered to be highly mobile to allow up and down and side to side movements. The neck vertebrae are also much smaller than those in the middle and lower regions of the spine. When you combine these factors with the force and tension from the weight of the head, you get a perfect set-up for a plausible injury. Add in poor posture, repetitive misuse of movement, and trauma and it’s obvious to see why so many people can benefit from a neck massage Gaithersburg patients rely on.

Healing Benefits of a Gaithersburg Neck Massage

Massages don’t only feel good they also offer many healing benefits which exceed the short term relief. If you’re considering a neck massage Gaithersburg medical masseuses can provide, you may find that a few sessions a week can procure incredible benefits such as:

  • Better performance and alertness with a reduction in stress
  • Improved circulation by pumping oxygen into tissues and vital organs
  • A decrease in headaches, reduces spasms, and relieve cramping
  • Enhanced immunity by stimulating lymph flow and lessening feelings of depression

Why Go to The Pain Arthritis Relief Center for a Neck Massage Gaithersburg Counts On

In Gaithersburg, neck massages can be found at several spa facilities. However, if you’re experiencing ongoing neck pain, it is advisable to seek the advice of a medical professional who can evaluate your circumstances and provide you with the best treatment approach. The Pain Arthritis Relief Center may:

  • Assess your postural tendencies
  • Examine shoulder or upper back injuries
  • Gauge asymmetries in the entire upper back and shoulder region
  • Consult with you about stretching, exercise, and strength training techniques

Scheduling a Neck Massage Gaithersburg Residents Will Enjoy

You don’t have to live with chronic, debilitating neck pain which can quickly take the enjoyment out of your daily activities. Through a safe, natural approach, The Pain Arthritis Relief Center can help to alleviate your symptoms and prevent the pain from recurring.  To schedule a neck massage Gaithersburg neck pain sufferers rely on, please call us at (301) 710 – 9777.