MigrainesThe doctors at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center understand that migraines are no ordinary headaches. Anyone who has ever suffered with migraines can attest to how debilitating they can be. According to national statistics, there are more than 35 million people in the United States that experience migraine headaches. It is estimated that about five million have at least one migraine every month.

Migraines can trigger many symptoms. Sufferer can experience any one or all of the following during an episode:

  •       Throbbing pain on one side of their head
  •       Pulsing sensation on one side of their head
  •       Sensitivity to light
  •       Nausea
  •       Vomiting

People who suffer from migraines often are prescribed two different medications to manage those symptoms – one medication to prevent the migraines and another to treat migraines that are just starting or have become active.

Finding effective treatment can be difficult, however the medical team at Pain Arthritis Relief Center are committed to helping our patients regain their quality of life and help find the best course of treatments to help them.

Understanding Migraines

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings about migraines. Many people believe that migraines will go away on their own, however, that is usually not the case. A migraine can last for hours, days, or even weeks, with the patient dealing with pain and other symptoms. Anyone who suffers from these types of headaches should seek out medical help from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. We can help find treatments that will help prevent migraines from becoming a chronic issue.

Another misconception about migraines has to do with where sufferers should go for treatment. Many people think that any doctor can treat migraines, but the truth is that diagnosing and treating migraines can be complex, requiring a medical professional who is experienced, as well as up-to-date, in treatments and advances in the condition. While a patient’s general practitioner can provide some medical support, they likely do not have the specialized training and experience in migraines and effective pain treatments.  

To find out what treatment options are available that may help with your migraines, call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center to schedule an appointment with one of our migraine pain specialists.