Migraine Doctor Gaithersburg, Maryland Migraine Doctor Gaithersburg, Maryland

Are you tired of having chronic migraines? If so, you may want to consider talking with a migraine doctor Gaithersburg, Maryland trusts. Migraine doctors at the Pain and Arthritis Relief Center focus on headache disorders, including migraines. Here is a few things you should know about a Gaithersburg, Maryland migraine doctor:

  • They focus on treating people who suffer from ongoing migraines and headaches
  • They know that most of these issues related to neurological conditions
  • They are often the first to know about specialized treatments for chronic migraines

The Causes and Triggers of Migraines

There are a number of possible causes to developing chronic migraines. These include:

Genetics – About half of the risk of having migraines comes from your genetics. If a relative suffers from migraines, you may be more likely to also be a sufferer of them. 

Diet – Skipping meals, lack of nutrition, or a withdrawal from alcohol or caffeine can lead to migraines. 

Changes in the Weather – Air pressure, temperature, and humidity changes can trigger an onset of migraines. 

Sleep – Too much or too little sleep, or ongoing sleep disturbances, can set off migraine headaches. 

Anxiety and Stress – Both of these can be a trigger or a migraine. When this happens, the migraine typically shows up after you have relaxed. This can lead to a cycle of stress, anxiety, and migraines. 

What is a Chronic Migraine?

As a headache doctor Gaithersburg, MD offers, might explain to you, a chronic migraine is considered to be a condition characterized by the following symptoms (not limited to):

  • Between 4 and 8 migraines per month
  • A total of 10 and 15 migraine and headache days per month

About 3.3 million people in the U.S. are living with chronic migraines, and ⅔ of them have not been diagnosed. Chronic migraines can cause significant losses from work, school, or family time. The condition can be treated with the help of a migraine doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

Acute Medications Can Cause More Headaches

Although medications can provide temporary relief, they can be overused. In this case, you could actually have more headaches. This is why it is important to consider long term preventative care, such as physical therapy and related techniques. 

Physical therapy for migraine headaches can:

  • Decrease or resolve the duration and frequency of the migraines
  • Decrease the use of medications
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve the motion of the neck
  • Improve your quality of life

Physical therapy is one of the best treatments for migraines. If you suffer from migraines and would like help, call a migraine doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland today. We would be happy to discuss your symptoms during an evaluation. Afterwhich, we can diagnose you so that we may create a custom treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. You don’t have to live with chronic migraines. Find out how a migraine doctor in Gaithersburg, Maryland can help you by calling the Pain Arthritis Relief Center today.