medical marijuana card doctor Rockville MDMedical Marijuana Card Doctor Rockville MD

Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card from a Qualified Doctor Rockville MD

If you’re a resident of Rockville MD and are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card, a doctor from our office provides evaluations and recommendations for those in the community. Pain Arthritis Relief Center takes a compassionate stance in offering a variety of treatments to those in the Maryland area who seek relief from pain associated with arthritis and other conditions. In 2020, Maryland legislators will vote on whether or not to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Currently, it is legal for medical use, if the individual has been screened and approved for a medical marijuana card by a doctor in Rockville or another city in MD.

The cannabis industry represents hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S. on an annual basis. In Maryland, if an individual undergoes an evaluation by a board-certified physician and meets the required eligibility criteria, they will receive a medical marijuana card. With the card, they are legally allowed to purchase cannabis products to provide relief from their condition.

Schedule an Appointment for an Evaluation

Call our Rockville MD office to schedule an appointment with a doctor from our staff who can evaluate your eligibility for a medical marijuana card. Our Maryland state-certified doctor will determine if medical marijuana may assist you in gaining relief from your pain and discomfort. Bring your past medical records with you if possible, so that our doctor can give you same-day approval. Once you receive your approval, you can gain your medical marijuana card application without delay.

We Make the Evaluation Process as Painless as Possible

At Pain Arthritis Relief Center we are dedicated to making the lives of our patients easier by relieving their pain. We choose non-invasive procedures and do not rely on prescribing potentially addictive narcotics when treating patients. Marijuana has proven to be an effective remedy in the reduction or elimination of painful conditions and discomfort without being addictive. Most people do not experience any side effects and marijuana is used to combat a wide variety of symptoms.

The Medical Benefits Offered by Medical Marijuana

Many residents in Rockville MD obtain their medical marijuana card from a doctor so that they can obtain cannabis products legally, and not feel stressed or anxious about obtaining it illegally. A large percentage of individuals who had not previously smoked or consumed marijuana products have experienced its benefits after being diagnosed with one or more of the following conditions:

  •         Relief of anxiety
  •         Improved mood
  •         Increase of energy
  •         Relief of acute as well as chronic pain
  •         Relief of skin irritation and itchiness
  •         Deeper and more productive sleep
  •         Increased sense of feeling relaxed
  •         Reduction of joint inflammation and the associated pain as well as discomfort
  •         Relief of nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment
  •         Cessation of muscle spasms triggered by multiple sclerosis
  •         Reduction of discomfort associated with Crohn’s disease
  •         Increase of appetite and reversal of weight loss caused by chronic illnesses


To schedule an appointment with our doctor in Rockville MD for a medical marijuana card screening, call our office today.