Knee Osteoarthritis Doctor in Washington DC

Knee Osteoarthritis Doctor Washington DCIf you are living with knee osteoarthritis that is causing you pain and interfering with your daily life, take action now to explore your treatment options. Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition that gradually causes pain and stiffness in the knee. It causes cartilage to break down, resulting in the bones rubbing against each other. It can restrict movement, and often develops in the elderly. There are non-invasive treatments available at Pain Arthritis Relief Center for people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. 

Knee Osteoarthritis Doctor in Washington DC

For all of your health and wellness services, visit the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. We have many types of treatments available for a wide range of conditions.Our trained and experienced team of doctors and wellness specialists understand that finding the right treatment solutions can be challenging and exhausting. With years of experience treating patients, enabling them to live life pain-free. For more information about our services and how you can benefit from them, schedule a consultation with us now. 

Who Can Get Knee Osteoarthritis

Generally, knee osteoarthritis is most common among elderly individuals and people over the age of 55. Because of their age, aging individuals are more prone to developing osteoarthritis. Their joints endure a lot of wear and tear over time. However, young people can also develop the condition. There are several risk factors associated with it, such as excessive weight, genetics, lifestyle, athletics, and more. Knee osteoarthritis can occur in people who sustain many repetitive stress injuries, such as athletes and workers in labor-intensive occupations, such as construction. To see if you are at high-risk of developing knee osteoarthritis, talk to a knee doctor. 

Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

Some of the most common symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are severe pain and stiffness. You will usually notice it in the morning right when you wake up, because your knees will feel stiff, and you may have difficulty moving them. They might feel tender to the touch. The symptoms may last for about half an hour or intermittently throughout the day, worsening with prolonged physical activity. 

Treatments For Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee injections are a highly effective treatment for those who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis. Injections are minimally invasive treatments that have been successful for a wide range of people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. The injections contain a substance that lubricates your joints to prevent friction that leads to pain and welling.

Treating knee osteoarthritis in its early stages can minimize your pain and better control your symptoms. Don’t ignore your symptoms if you believe that you have knee pain, because it could be osteoarthritis. Meet with a trusted knee osteoarthritis doctor in Washington, D.C. residents now. 

Explore Pain Relief Treatment Options 

You don’t need to live with knee pain that impacts you for the rest of your life. See what knee pain treatments may be right for you. Discover pain relief options in your area by speaking with a knee osteoarthritis doctor in Washington D.C. today.