Knee Injury Doctor Potomac MD

Knee Injury Doctor Potomac MD

What are the signs that I need to see a knee doctor?
Knee injuries or discomfort can result from a wide range of possible reasons. It’s important to understand the cause of why you may be experiencing pain in the knee area. After a thorough exam from a knee injury doctor at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center in Potomac MD you will learn what treatment options are available to you. Without treatment, you risk further injuring your knee and perhaps developing additional issues as your body tries to compensate for the injury.

If the Knee Pain Lasts More than 48 Hours
If you are experiencing pain that does not subside after a few days, give us a call to schedule an exam. Sometimes, knee pain may be a symptom of a larger issue. Without an examination from a knee injury doctor, it may be impossible to gauge the cause of your condition. Knee joints do not contain muscle so if that is the origin of your pain, the problem is unlikely to be due to a muscle tear or strain.

What are some of the most common causes of pain in the knee area?
Though there is a long list of possible reasons for why you may be experiencing knee pain,
after your exam a knee injury doctor at our Potomac MD office may diagnose
one of the more common causes:

  • The cartilage that covers the knee joint and helps support it may have been injured.
    A torn meniscus is very common among those who engage in sports that involve turning and twisting the knee.
  • The soft ties that surrounds the knee was injured. This usually leads to swelling and possibly internal bleeding
    in that area. As a result, the individual may suffer from pain as well as a limited range of motion.

If my knee is not swollen, does that mean it’s not injured?
You may hesitate to schedule an exam with a knee injury doctor in Potomac MD if you are not experiencing swelling. It may feel swollen, but it might not be visible if the swelling is located in the knee joint. However, you may hear a clicking sound if the knee’s tendon is trying to compensate for the internal swelling by moving into an abnormal position. Swelling of any kind indicates an injury that may need medical attention.

If my knee looks twisted or unnatural, is it a serious injury?
Without undergoing an exam by our knee injury doctor at our Potomac MD, an accurate diagnosis cannot be provided. Symptoms such as knee misalignment may indicate a knee fracture, a dislocation, a tracking injury with the patella, or another type of condition. Do not delay in seeking medical help. Within six hours of injuring your knee in a way that results in these symptoms, contact a knee doctor.

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