After you suffer from a knee injury, you are likely looking for a knee injury doctor Chevy Chase, MD residents rely on from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. There are many things that can cause you to have serious knee pain. While it can sometimes go away on its own depending on the type of injury you have sustained, you will likely want to seek medical attention so that your minor injury does not become permanent. Your knee joints have a great deal of pressure on them and it is no surprise that they can be injured easily. Whether you were playing sports or twisted it when you fell, call our office to see what kinds of treatment we can offer you to help with your pain. 

My pain is around my knee and not directly on it. Is it still knee pain?

Yes! When you have pain around your knee or behind it, it is still considered to be knee pain. It is absolutely possible that you injured it and the pain is radiating into other areas of your leg. In fact, many people have pain around their knee so badly that they no longer realize they have pain in their knee. 

I’m worried I will need surgery for a knee injury. Can a Chevy Chase, Maryland knee injury doctor help without surgery?

One of the most dangerous things that can happen after a knee injury is assuming that the best and only option is surgery. In many cases, this can do more harm than good. Instead, call our office as soon as possible to discuss how chiropractic techniques may be able to help you. It’s true that surgery is the best option for some knee injuries. However, it is possible to go through a treatment plan that is surgery-free and drug-free while still healing. Your knee injury doctor will conduct a thorough exam, get your medical history, and devise a treatment plan specific to your needs. 

What kinds of options do I have for treatment plans?

Some options we offer when treating knee injuries are:

  • Massage Therapy. This type of therapy can work wonders for increasing the circulation in the affected area and restoring function to the damaged muscle to help with pain and flexibility.
  • Physical Therapy. When you begin physical therapy for your knee, you can take the techniques you have learned home so that you can continue healing away from the office. This can also strengthen your knees and the surrounding muscles so that you can prevent more damage from happening in the future. 

Call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center now to learn more about how our knee doctor in Chevy Chase, MD can help you!