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Knee Doctor Gaithersburg MDWhen a Maryland patient who is suffering from chronic pain and other issues that are caused by arthritis of the knee comes to a knee injury doctor in Gaithersburg, MD, the doctor has three goals for that patient: reduce the pain, increase the movement and function of the knee joint, and stop the progression of arthritis. The following are some of the more common questions that knee pain patients have about how those goals are reached and some of the types of treatment that may be used.

What is the most common type of knee arthritis?

The most common type of knee arthritis that a knee doctor treats at our clinic is osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis is the eroding of the cartilage that protects and prevents the bones of the knee joints from rubbing against each other. When the cartilage is thinned, the patient will suffer pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

Will exercise make knee arthritis worse?

On the contrary, one of the best things a patient can do for knee arthritis is to keep moving. Implementing aerobic exercise, such as swimming and riding a bike, along with mobility and strengthening exercises can help reduce stiffness and pain.

Mobility exercises are important in order to stop the knee from stiffening up and letting muscles get tight. When this happens, even more pressure is put on the cartilage and bones. Mobility exercises stop that from happening.

Strengthening exercises help build stronger muscles that will provide more support for the knee, alleviating force on the bones. This helps reduce pain.

Will my Gaithersburg, MD knee doctor recommend a knee brace?

Many people who suffer from knee arthritis find that wearing a knee brace really helps to stabilize the leg which reduces the pressure on the knee joint. There are many different types of knee braces to choose from. There are even some knee braces that redistribute forces away from the area of the knee where the arthritis is. Your knee doctor will recommend the best one for your condition.

Which is better for knee pain treatment, heat or ice?

They are both beneficial since they not only help alleviate the pain of knee arthritis, but they each provide different types of relief for the pain. Heat warms up the joint, which feels soothing. The heat actually blocks the pain and increases blood flow to the area that is affected by arthritis. The blood brings in all the nutrients the knee needs and removes the waste products that can be affecting the joint and helping to cause the pain.

Using ice can help reduce the pain and swelling of the knee. Your doctor can explain how to effectively and safely apply ice, including when and how often it should be applied.

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While there is no cure for arthritis, there are treatments that can help alleviate the pain and help the patient live a normal life. A Gaithersburg, MD knee doctor from our clinic can evaluate your condition and develop the best treatment plan for your situation. Call Pain Arthritis Relief Center today to schedule a consultation to learn what type of treatment plan we can customize for your condition.