Knee arthritis treatment Rockville, MDKnee arthritis treatment Rockville, MD


Pain Arthritis Relief Center provides the most innovative knee arthritis treatment Rockville, MD has to offer. Without requiring painful and expensive surgery, our program effectively treats knee arthritis so that you can go on living an active, pain-free life. Don’t rush into dangerous, painful and expensive surgeries that can sometimes harm your knee further. Rather choose the knee arthritis treatment Rockville, MD residents are turning to as a quick, safe, easy, pain-free and risk-free solution to knee pain and arthritis.

What is knee arthritis?

Knee arthritis most commonly occurs as osteoarthritis. This is often seen as a form of general wear-and-tear of the knee and is considered a degenerative disease because of the fact that it worsens over time. It involves wearing away of the knee’s protective cartilage, which exposes the bone. This causes the knee to swell and ordinary activities and movements to become difficult and painful. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 50% of people develop osteoarthritis in their lifetimes.

Why treat knee arthritis?

As mentioned above, osteoarthritis is degenerative which means it gets worse over time and you will become less and less mobile. It will not improve unless you take action. To prevent further deterioration it is crucial that you find an effective knee arthritis treatment in Rockville, MD.

How does the I HATE KNEE PAIN knee treatment work?

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center program utilizes a revolutionary new surgery-free knee arthritis treatment Rockville, MD patients have been waiting for for decades. Our team of qualified medical professionals, physical therapists, and movement experts has constructed an integrated approach to knee arthritis treatment Rockville, MD patients can rely on to heal their pain and prevent further deterioration.

By focusing on your unique situation and condition, our team tailors a program specifically to your treatment needs and goals. We take into consideration the stage of knee arthritis that you have reached, the amount of deterioration that has already occurred, the pain you are suffering from, and the lifestyle you lead. We use this information to develop a detailed program aimed at improving your knee’s strength and overall condition through basic exercise and physical therapy.

We use an FDA approved natural substance called viscosupplementation to lubricate your knee which we apply using state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology. This allows us an incredibly high rate of 95% accuracy meaning that we provide a knee arthritis treatment Rockville, MD patients know is both safe and reliable.

Will I need surgery?

No. The Pain Arthritis Relief Center program offers the most innovative Rockville knee arthritis treatment that does not require surgery of any sort. This eliminates the high costs of surgery and keeps treatment affordable. It also removes the risks of complications that surgery entails, as well as the pain and frustration of recovery. By choosing a non-invasive method, you will have more time to focus on building strength in your knee, undergoing physical therapy, and getting on with your life.

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