How to Empower Yourself and Increase physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD Mobility?

Physical Therapy Gaithersburg, MD

Medical professionals who practice physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD understand the complexity of the human body and its movements. Physical Therapists (PTs) focus on restoring range of motion, decreasing pain, and increasing strength to prevent disability. If you or someone you love needs assistance while recovering from an injury or illness, you can rely on the knowledge of a professional in physical therapy at Pain Arthritis Relief Center in Gaithersburg, MD. We have likely worked with patients just like you in Maryland, who want to feel more independence in their lives.


Body Mechanics, Posture and Mobility

A physical therapist focuses on the mechanics behind body movements, and often applies fundamentals of muscle and tissue recovery to the patients under their care. A professional in physical therapy serving Gaithersburg, MD at Pain Arthritis Relief Center can create an individualized plan for a patients having trouble with things like balance, posture, and mobility.


Encouraging Empowerment

Another role of a physical therapist is to help the patient feel more confident and self-reliant through education and exercise plans that enable them to live the fullest life possible. Sometimes, a patient has come down with an injury or illness in which they are unable to perform the most basic tasks that we take for granted daily. A caring professional who is knowledgeable in physical therapy for Gaithersburg, MD works in collaboration with the patient, to establish both short term and long term wellness goals.


For example, a PT may provide help a patient who has trouble getting out of bed, rising from a chair or getting up a short flight of stairs. A physical therapist can analyze the patient’s gait, to create exercises to strengthen weak areas.


What a Physical Therapist Does

Physical therapists play a huge role in a patient’s recovery, as they evaluate, diagnose and treat the patient, in addition to preventing future discomfort. In many states, a patient can request to work with a physical therapist directly, without referral from his or her personal physician. Here we have described the benefits of physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD at Pain Arthritis Relief Center, from start to finish:

  1. Evaluate = a PT can meet with the patient to find out more about what symptoms he or she is experiencing.
  2.  Diagnose = a PT then performs diagnostics, tests, and measurements to guide the treatment process.
  3. Treat = a PT creates a treatment plan to relieve pain and restore movements to areas of the body the           patient is struggling with. Some patients may find a relief of symptoms after the first treatment session. Those who are seeing a physical therapist for rehabilitation after intensive surgery, may need several treatments over the course of a few months. A physical therapist at Pain Arthritis Relief Center can talk with you more about when to expect to see and feel results.
  4. Prevent = a PT educates the patient on how to continue managing their condition, and prevent pain from developing again in the future.

Please call our Maryland offices to schedule your first free consultation with a physical therapist at Pain Arthritis Relief Center. We take pride in seeing our patient’s health improve, and hope to do the exact same thing for you. To get started with the best physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD, call us today!