How Electrical Stimulation Therapy Enhances Healing

How Electrical Stimulation Therapy Enhances Healing

Electrical stimulation might cause some to think of Frankenstein and lightning bolts jarring inanimate flesh to life, but the reality of the decades-old therapy is quite different. In many ways, electrical stimulation is one of the most beneficial therapies for soft tissue injuries. You can learn about and obtain effective electrical stimulation therapy from a skilled and experienced chiropractor in Rockville, MD.

How Electrical Stimulation Works

Electrical stimulation encourages the flow of blood and beneficial fluids to the afflicted area. As new white and red blood cells flood the area, it purges the area of relatively dormant blood cells and fluids. The influx of fresh blood cells and fluid helps to stimulate healing while reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

Your chiropractor or staff will place a pad attached to a positive electrode on one side of the injury and a pad attached to a negative electrode on the other side. A computer-controlled unit repeatedly delivers a controlled electrical charge to the afflicted area, which causes the muscles to contract. The level of the electrical charge is controlled by the attendant while the computer controls the flow.

Each treatment lasts about 5 to 10 minutes and does not create discomfort or pain. A mild redness on the skin might remain for a short period once the pads and electrodes are removed, but the skin and soft tissue beneath do not suffer any damage. Many patients feel looser and less pain in areas treated with electrical stimulation.

Benefits of Electro Stimulation

Electrical stimulation always is used in combination with other therapies to provide a full range of medical services and benefits for patients. The increased flow of white and red blood cells due to electro stimulation helps to improve the range of motion in affected areas, such as an injured shoulder. It also can help to improve:

  •         Muscle growth and strength.
  •         Use of legs, arms and hands.
  •         Aerobic capability and general fitness.
  •         Bone density and reversing osteoporosis.
  •         Heart strength and blood flow.

A skilled and experienced chiropractor can determine the most beneficial combinations of therapies and determine when electrical stimulation is an ideal part of an effective and non-invasive chiropractic treatment.

Electrical stimulation commonly is used to treat spinal cord injuries, help broken bones to mend and generally improve the healing and health of any injured soft tissue. It is especially effective in areas where higher rates of blood flow is enabled by the rapid contractions of muscle mass caused by the electro stimulation.

What Are the Risks?

Electrical stimulation therapy is a mostly trouble-free therapy that could benefit most patients. People how have heart conditions and especially anyone with a pacemaker definitely should avoid electrical stimulation therapy. The therapy also should not be used on some neck injuries and others that could put too much stress on highly vulnerable areas that could result in additional damage or pain to the patient.

An experienced chiropractor in Rockville, MD, can help you to learn more about electrical stimulation and how it might prove beneficial as part of more effective healthcare delivery.