Knee Pain Doctor in PG County MDKnee Pain Doctor in PG County MD


Do you have a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament in your knee? Have you been suffering from this pain and have found no way to relieve it? If you are one of the many people who suffer from a torn ACL, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center as soon as possible for a consultation. Each knee pain doctor at our clinic has extensive experience in repairing and treating torn ACLs and helping get your quality of life back. In order to understand how we might treat your ACL, it is crucial to understand how a working knee joint functions.

How does a knee joint function?

The knee joint is the flexible part of a person’s leg and allows your body to change positions by bending and straightening. Because of the knee joint, we can do daily activities like jump, walk, stand, sit, run, and swim. Although the knee is considered to be a hinge joint, it also allows for some rotation as it bends and straightens. Within the knee there are four bands of tissue — also called ligaments — that allow it to function properly:

  •      Stabilization: The MCL (medial collateral ligament) and the LCL (lateral collateral
          ligament). These allow the knee to be stabilized and they prevent the knee from buckling on
          either side.
  •      Mobility: The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)
          essential form an “x” in the knee joint. These ligaments prevent your knee from sliding
          either front to back or back to front.

A sprain occurs when one of these ligaments is injured. This can happen when the fibers are torn completely or stretched. Thus, there are three types of sprain:

  1.     First-degree: A first-degree sprain is when the ligament has been stretched but no tearing
           has occurred.
  2.     Second-degree: A second-degree sprain is when the ligament has partially been torn.
  3.     Third-degree: A third-degree sprain is when the ligament has been torn completely.

A Torn ACL

If you have torn your ACL, this type of tear is a second- or even third-degree sprain. Your ACL is a vital ligament in your body and it prevents your femur (thigh bone) from sliding backward onto the tibia. Additionally, your ACL ensures your knee does not rotate. If your ACL has been sprained, your knee can become unstable and unsupportive.

What causes a torn ACL?

A common cause of a torn ACL is from some type of injury. This can occur from playing in a sport or participating in a fitness activity, like basketball, football, and gymnastics. Common symptoms of a torn ACL are:

  •      A loud pop occurring during the tear
  •      The knee joint swelling
  •      Sharp pain making walking or bearing weight difficult.

To properly determine that you have torn your ACL, a PG County MD knee pain doctor offers a variety of diagnostic examinations, including:

  •      A physical examination
  •      MRI
  •      X-rays

To determine the best course of treatment for your torn ACL, please contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center immediately to ensure you receive the proper care you need. If left untreated, your pain and symptoms could get worse and interrupt your typical day-to-day activities. Each knee pain doctor in PG County MD patients recommend are dedicated to our patients and look over all possible treatments to make sure your quality of living has been restored. Contact our office today to set up your appointment.