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2 women running on sandIf you are experiencing chronic headaches, you may want to consult a headache doctor Rockville MD trusts for further medical advice. Contrary to what you may think, headaches are often the result of neck and spinal postural issues, which constrict blood vessels and lead to feelings of pain around the head area. The good news is, there is treatment that may be able to improve your anatomical alignment, thereby reducing or eliminating your headaches and migraines.

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center: A Headache Doctor in Rockville MD

No matter your age, profession, or underlying health issues, our doctors combine regenerative treatment and integrative medicine to directly target your specific symptoms. With medication free treatment, The Pain Arthritis Relief Center can assess your symptoms and develop an individualized treatment plan to relieve you of your headache pain.

How Posture Could Cause Headache Pain

Your posture is the direct outcome of habits and your daily lifestyle. If you are often in a postural position that causes your head to extend forward beyond your chest, the natural curve of your neck becomes straight, leading to tension and strain. Sitting in front of a computer, looking down at a smartphone for long periods of time, or an injury might cause the development of this head posture. Without making the necessary adjustments, the curvature of your spine changes, which could result in pressure on the brainstem and nervous system. Once this occurs, you may experience headaches and migraines.

To analyze your posture for yourself, take a look at your head position in pictures. If your head is forward from your shoulders or chest, you may have a postural distortion pattern. A Rockville MD headache doctor may  verify whether or not this specific postural position could be the culprit of your pain.

Symptoms of Postural Related Headaches and Migraines

When you reach out to a headache doctor Rockville MD residents respect, you may be asked to explain your symptoms and how long they last. While everyone may experience different symptoms, the following are the most common characteristics of headaches related to postural problems and misalignment.

  • Your headache feels like it radiates from the back to the front of your head
  • Your headache seems to worsen with neck movements, a sustained posture, sleeping on the stomach, or turning your head to one side
  • You feel slight pressure around the eyes and ears
  • Your headache normally appears to be worse on one side of your head
  • Your headache temporarily eases up when you massage or apply pressure to your neck or the base of your skull

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms, poor postural alignment could be the cause of your headaches. Contact a top headache doctor Rockville MD has to offer before the symptoms progress.

Potential Causes of Poor Postural Alignment

Poor postural alignment is not only caused by working on a computer or browsing through your phone. There are a number of other factors that could contribute to poor posture and headaches. These can include:

  • Poor muscle tone in the neck and core area
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Copious amounts of daily stress
  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy
  • Improper holding or carrying of a child or infant
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes
  • Improper workstation setup
  • Carrying or lifting heavy objects
  • Working on countertops too high or too low
  • Car accident or slip and fall

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to have a sore neck to experience headaches and migraines associated with poor posture. Rather than trying to self-diagnose the cause of your headaches, it may be beneficial to contact a skilled headache doctor Rockville MD offers to its residents.

Making an Appointment with a Rockville MD Headache Doctor

If you’re experiencing ongoing headaches or migraines that are having an impact on your daily life, you may benefit from seeing a specialist at The Pain Arthritis Relief Center. Through a careful examination, we can determine whether or not posture is an underlying factor of your headaches. Once we’ve made a diagnosis, we can implement an effective treatment approach to reduce your headache pain. To schedule an appointment with a headache doctor Rockville MD trusts, call (301)710-9777.

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