Geriatric physical therapy Rockville, MD

At the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, many patients come to us about geriatric physical therapy Rockville, MD residents trust for quality and compassionate care. When seniors are healing from an injury, surgery, or illness, it can help if they join our geriatric physical therapy program. The goal is to reduce pain, improve quality of life, and restore functionality. If you are a senior or know someone who is and their body is in need of recovery, please know that we understand how to work with older adults so that the therapy is done in an effective and safe manner. 

Why Physical Therapy is Important for Seniors

Physical therapy for seniors is especially important to yield a successful recovery, increasing that person’s flexibility, mobility, and strength. There are exercises and stretches that we can recommend depending on the patient’s diagnosis. You can trust that a physical therapist Rockville, MD patients depend on wants to see you recover just as much as you do. Physical therapy can provide various benefits to a senior’s health, including: 

  • Lowering Risk of Injury: seniors can learn about maintaining their stability when it comes to gravity as they move around, and this awareness can reduce the risks of re-injury or a completely new injury.
  • Reducing Risk of Falls: a top reason why seniors need physical therapy is for after they have taken a serious fall. Falls are common as senior accidents and can result in bone fractures. Physical therapists can teach patients about certain techniques so that they can reduce their chances of another fall.
  • Maintaining an Independent Lifestyle: the faster a senior patient is able to heal from a condition and then manage their symptoms, the more prepared they are to have an independent lifestyle for a longer duration of time.
  • Decreasing the Need for Prescriptions: seniors may be prescribed a long list of drugs to help manage their pain and other symptoms. However, through utilizing a physical therapy program, it could lessen the need for these medications.
  • Reducing Pain From Chronic Conditions: arthritis and osteoporosis are particularly painful and physical therapy can assist in reducing discomfort from conditions like these.

Seeing a Physical Therapist for Help

Physical therapy for geriatric patients focuses on the needs of aging adults. It can help treat arthritis, cancer, joint replacement, osteoporosis, balance disorders, and more. We can create custom programs that are designed to meet the needs of every individual patient. These programs are tailored to assist in increasing fitness levels, decreasing overall pain, and restoring mobility. If you are interested in learning more about Rockville Geriatric physical therapy in MD from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, then please call today to schedule an in-person appointment.