Degenerative Disc Chiropractor Rockville Maryland

Degenerative Disc Chiropractor Rockville MarylandOne of the most painful back issues patients come to a Rockville Maryland degenerative disc chiropractor for is degenerative disc disease. People who have this condition often suffer extreme back or neck pain that can spread into their arm or leg. The area where degenerative disc disease most frequently shows up is in the lower back (lumbar spine) or the neck (cervical spine). This is because these two areas of the spine have the most movement and are the most at risk for wear and tear.

A degenerative disc chiropractor in Rockville Maryland knows that one of the signs that the patient may be suffering from degenerative disc disease is if they have a continuous, but low-grade, pain around the area of the disc that sometimes turns into more severe pain. These flare-ups often occur if the patient as been extra active or has put more stress on the spine than normal. Flareups of degenerative disc disease can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before the eases back into the low-grade measurements. Sometimes the pain can disappear completely after one of these episodes, however, that is only temporary.

A Rockville Maryland degenerative disc chiropractor knows there are also a variety of other symptoms that can indicate the patient has degenerative disc disease. These symptoms include:

  • The patient’s pain level increases when engaging in activities that involve lifting something heavy, bending, or twisting the spine.
  • The patient sometimes feels as if their back or neck is giving out. This is caused by an instability of the spine which sometimes causes it to lock up.
  • The patient suffers from muscle spams or tension as a result of the instability of the spine. Some patients only have muscle spasms and do not suffer other types of pain.
  • The patient suffers from hot, sharp, or stabbing pain that radiates through the arm, hand, or shoulder (in cervical disc degeneration) or the buttocks, hips, and back of the leg (in lumbar spine degeneration).
  • The patient suffers increased pain when they are in certain positions for extended periods of time.
  • The patient’s pain level is reduced when they frequently change positions instead of staying sitting or standing for long periods of time. A chiropractor Rockville, MD provides may recommend that a patient with cervical disc pain take regular breaks to stretch their neck and a patient with lumbar disc pain take frequent, short walks throughout their day.
  • The patient’s pain level is decreased when they get into certain positions. Some patients find relief by putting a pillow under their knees when lying down or using a special neck pillow when they sleep.

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