What to Expect from Chiropractors in Rockville, MD

Chiropractors in Rockville, MD can significantly improve the lives of people living with chronic pain or other debilitating symptoms. If you have never been treated by a chiropractor before, you may be wondering what you can expect at your first appointment. Here at the Pain and Arthritis Relief Center, our goal is to help you live your best life. The first step is staying informed. Read on to learn more about what to expect at your first visit to your chiropractor.

A Health Intake

Arriving a few minutes early for your first chiropractic appointment will give you time to thoroughly fill out a health intake form. The information you provide will help your chiropractor understand all possible causes for your symptoms and everything you have tried to relieve them. It will reveal your tolerance for various treatment options your chiropractor can provide.

You will also need to provide details about your pre-existing conditions, prior injuries, diet, and anything that improves or worsens your symptoms.

A Physical Examination

The chiropractor will review your intake form with you and ask you questions that might clarify your health history. Next, you will receive a physical examination to assess:

  • Your range of motion
  • Your muscle tone
  • Your muscle strength
  • Your posture
  • Your nerve health

The chiropractor will also palpate your painful body parts or direct you to move in specific ways while observing you and asking you to describe your pain and its intensity.

X-ray Images

The chiropractor may want to take a complete set of  X-rays to rule out any medical conditions that might be causing your symptoms. Diagnostic X-rays can also help pinpoint the exact location of a musculoskeletal problem to determine where the chiropractor should apply the treatment.

Soft tissue trauma does not show up on X-rays, and a chiropractor who suspects problems with your muscles, ligaments, or nerves, may order MRI images.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Your first visit to a chiropractor may include an adjustment that can provide immediate symptom relief or initiate your treatment plan. Your chiropractor can recommend adjustments after detecting subluxations while examining you. This treatment involves quick thrusts that exert pressure and promote spinal realignment. During an adjustment, you will likely hear a cracking sound that is normal; it results from popping air bubbles in the fluid surrounding your joints.

You may expect to undergo other common treatments during a first chiropractic visit, including muscle massage and heat or ice therapy. Experienced chiropractors in Rockville, Maryland can help you determine what type of adjustments you may need.

Treatment Plan

Your chiropractor will prepare you for what you can expect to feel following your treatment session and recommend a treatment plan, including subsequent visit frequency. You might require two or three weekly sessions until your condition improves. After that, you may need fewer visits.

When you experience chronic pain and discomfort, consider scheduling an appointment with Pain and Arthritis Relief Center’s experienced chiropractors in Rockville, MD who can provide significant relief and support.