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Our Chiropractor in Rockville, MD from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center has treated patients with various conditions. The human body is an interconnected system that can be affected by injury or illness at any time. Of all the conditions that the body may go through, neck pain is one of the most prevalent. Many people have neck pain due to sitting at work for hours, being in a car accident, or from excessive stress. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to get help quickly to prevent the issue from worsening and developing into a chronic problem. 

What are common reasons for neck pain?

Each person is an individual and may have different reasons for why neck pain has developed. The issue could be related to a spinal misalignment, muscle tears, stress, poor ergonomics, slouched posture, sports injury, text neck, personal injury, and more. For example, car accidents are a prevalent personal injury incident that often results in neck pain due to whiplash. Whiplash is when the force of an impact causes the head to be abruptly forced forward and backward. 

How is neck pain alleviated?

After an examination, your MD Chiropractor in Rockville can inform you of potential causes for neck pain and what treatment options are available to you. A chiropractor frequently uses a technique called spinal adjustments, where they restore proper alignment to the spine and joints in order to balance the body. Through these adjustments, subluxations and pressure is reduced off the muscles and joints. It also improves communications between the body and brain, which can help the body heal after an injury or illness arises.

What are other types of chiropractic treatments?

Depending on the person, there are other forms of chiropractic treatments that can prove useful. Stretches and exercises can keep muscles flexible while maintaining muscle strength. Performing these exercises on a routine basis can reduce systems and prevent injury that causes neck pain. Massage therapy is a great technique that relaxes the patient’s nervous system, enhances circulation, loosens taut muscles, and boosts overall mood too. Your chiropractor may suggest implementing dietary changes or lifestyle adjustments to ward off neck pain.

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