Chiropractor Rockville, MD


Chiropractor Rockville, MDAlthough chiropractors are known for their success in treating patients who are suffering from back and neck pain, they are also able to help patients who are suffering from a wide variety of other medical issues. Maryland patients who come to our clinic not only get relief for their arthritis and painful joints, but they can also get relief for acid reflux, irregular bowels, and many other ailments. Chiropractic adjustments can be successful in not only treating these ailments, but also in preventing them. The following are just a few of the issues that a chiropractor in Rockville, MD can help you with.

Can chiropractic treatments help lower my blood pressure?

Receiving any type of chiropractic adjustment can result in your blood pressure lowering. This is because acute pain has a tendency to make blood pressure spike from the intense pressure it places on the nervous system. By seeking treatment from a chiropractor, you can reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing and in the process, lower your blood pressure without the need for medications.

Will chiropractic treatments help increase my energy level?

You may be so accustomed to the pain or discomfort from your unhealthy spine that you do not even realize how hard your body works on a daily basis. By visiting a Rockville, MD chiropractor, you can alleviate this tension and combat feelings of exhaustion. When you have your spine’s alignment adjusted, you can ease muscle tension caused by misalignment and restore function to the nervous system. You will be freeing up stores of energy that were previously being used to simply function.

Can chiropractic treatment help in dealing with stress?

Stress can put unnecessary pressure on your body, which can affect blood pressure and increase heart rate. Elongated periods of stress on your heart can lead to long-term health complications. Adjustments are known to help improve circulation as well as relax muscles. By relieving physical tension and lowering stress, chiropractors can help stabilize moods and allow you to manage normal stress better.

I’ve heard that some patients have sore muscles after adjustments. Is this true?

While there are many positive side effects of visiting a chiropractor, you may also experience some mild negative side effects. These may include sore muscles, fatigue, and headaches. Your chiropractor may recommend that you combat these normal symptoms with over-the-counter pain medication. Keep in mind, however, that your chiropractor will never push your body beyond its limits. The goal of treatment is to alleviate pain, not make it worse.

If you are suffering from chronic pain or any other of the numerous medical conditions that a chiropractor can help with and would like to meet with a Rockville, MD chiropractor from Pain Arthritis Relief Center, call our office today to schedule a consultation.