Chiropractic Manual Therapy Rockville, Maryland

The team at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center knows that when you have been injured, it is time to seek help through chiropractic manual therapy Rockville, Maryland residents have relied on for years. You may think you can only go to see a chiropractor if you are suffering from back injuries and that all they will do is crack your back. However, there are many different ways a chiropractor Rockville, MD offers can bring you relief. Especially after you have been in an accident, seeing a chiropractor for Rockville chiropractic manual therapy can reduce your pain and ensure you are healing appropriately. For more information on how we can help you during your recovery process, please call us now. 

What ways can a chiropractor help after I have been injured?
There are a few different ways your chiropractor may be able to help. They will most likely use a combination of different techniques to ensure you are getting as much help as possible. 

  • Spinal Traction Devices. A chiropractor may use a spinal traction device which helps to separate compressed vertebrae. This can significantly decrease pain and help to relieve pressure. 
  • Chiropractic Manual Therapy. Chiropractic manual therapy in Rockville, MD is a type of hands-on therapy that can help with damaged ligaments, fascia, and muscles. This type of therapy can improve your muscle function over the course of a few treatments. 
  • Stretches. Your chiropractic can help you with therapeutic stretches designed to increase mobility and decreases your risk of forming scar tissue. This can even help prevent future injuries from occurring.
  • Modifications to Habits. You may be wondering how lifestyle modification coaching can fit into your healing plan. However, certain habits can increase your risk of becoming injured or ill in the future and they can decrease your chances of healing properly when you have already been injured. If you smoke, consume alcohol, have excessive stress in your life, or do not exercise, these can all affect your health. 

Who can I call?
Our chiropractors know that techniques like therapeutic stretching, lifestyle changes, and chiropractic manual therapy Rockville, Maryland residents rely on actually work. When you want help after an injury and would like to go the natural route, you should call the trusted chiropractors at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. By using helpful techniques, like Rockville, Maryland chiropractic manual therapy, we can get you on the road to healing quickly.