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Chiropractic Gaithersburg, MD- xray of man holding his backAs a doctor for chiropractic in Gaithersburg, MD from Pain & Arthritis Relief Center often advises patients, it’s equally important to prepare for a chiropractic treatment session as it is to take care of yourself in the hours and days after. Visiting a chiropractor is only the initial step, and to maintain the benefits of a treatment, there are things you shoud and shouldn’t do afterwards. Those who have never tried chiropractic care before can feel rest assured that they are in good hands here at our clinic. 

Should I take time off after the session?

It is fairly common for people to rearrange their schedule so that they can rest after a chiropractic treatment session. Or, they may use the day to pursue other alternative medicine approaches, such as massage, reiki, or meditation somewhere quiet. To experience the ultimate benefits of a session, it’s ideal to not have anything stressful to attend to for the rest of the day. Give your nervous system a rest!

Should I drink water before my adjustment?

It’s always a good idea to stay as hydrated as possible, so that our bodies can function optimally. But drinking water after your Gaithersburg, Maryland chiropractic adjustment will be especially important, to keep the discs between your spinal vertebrae nourished. If you aren’t sure exactly how much water you should be taking in on a regular basis, consider the rule of thumb that you should intake half of your bodyweight in water ounces. 

If I sit for work, can I still take care of my spine?

Many people in today’s working world perform their tasks at a computer. This means they may be sitting eight or more hours per day, which can wreak havoc on the spine and posture overtime. Try to keep your spine moving as much as you can by taking walking or stretching breaks, as this can help your body settle into a recent adjustment. If you sit for work, here are easy tips to maintain a good posture:

  • Bend knees at right angle and keep them even or slightly higher than the hips
  • Keep feet flat on the floor
  • Rest your arms and elbows on the chair or desk itself, and sit close to the desk, so that your shoulders stay relaxed

What if I notice changes to my body?

For most patients, they are going to notice positive changes in their body when receiving chiropractic care. It is normal for treatments to affect mood, muscles, posture, breathing, and mental clarity. Your body will be settling into its new position after a spinal adjustment, so noticing changes for the better are to be expected. 

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