If you were recently injured in a vehicle collision, you should see a car accident doctor Rockville, MD residents trust. Some injuries might not seem so bad at first, but can worsen over time without the proper treatment. A doctor will thoroughly assess your injury and recommend the appropriate treatment. Here are a few questions you should ask your doctor.

What Type of Injury Did I Suffer?

Once your doctor conducts a physical examination and lab testing, he or she should know exactly the type of injury you suffered. To fully understand what you’ve endured, it’s important for you to ask your doctor what type of injury you’re dealing with. If you’re not exactly sure what your doctor is telling you, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. For instance, if your doctor tells you that you suffered a leg injury, you might want to know if it was a sprain, tear or fracture.

What Are My Treatment Options?

After your doctor informs you of the type of injury you have, find out about all the available treatment options. Depending on the kind of injury you have, there might be multiple treatment options or there may only be one. For example, if you suffered a back injury, your treatment options may include medications, physical therapy and surgery. Your doctor can go through the positives and negatives of each treatment and help you choose the right option.

When Will I Recover?

Although everyone is different, your car accident doctor in Rockville, MD should know approximately long you will take to recover. Soft tissue injuries, for example, typically resolve within a few weeks while broken bones can take months to heal. Your doctor may also give you tips on how to speed up the recovery process, such as getting enough rest and eating nutritious foods.

When Can I Go Back to Work?

If you’ve been out of work for a while because of your injury, you’re probably anxious to go back. However, the nature of your injury will dictate when it’s safe for you to return to work. Your doctor should be able to give you a general estimate of when you can go back to work. It’s important to listen to his or her advice and not go back to work before you’re truly ready.

Do I Need Medication?

Depending on the type of injury you have, you might need one or more medications to deal with your symptoms. For example, if you suffered a deep laceration, your doctor may give you antibiotics and prescription pain medications. Make sure to tell your doctor about the current medications you’re taking so that you can avoid negative reactions.

If you were hurt in a car wreck, schedule a consultation with a car accident doctor in Rockville, MD.