Basketball Injury Doctor Gaithersburg Maryland

Why are people who play basketball more at risk for injuries?

Basketball Injury Doctor Gaithersburg MarylandWhen you think about the game of basketball, there is a lot of running, jumping, and cutting. Players go off in all different directions at all different speeds, whether they are playing offense or defense. But all these quick pivoting movements leave a player – even those who are strong and in excellent physical shape – more susceptible to injury while playing. A Gaithersburg Maryland basketball injury doctor can provide the needed treatments for these types of injuries.

What steps can a basketball player take to prevent injury?

As a basketball injury doctor in Gaithersburg Maryland can explain, the steps a player can take to help prevent being injured include maintaining a good balanced workout. Players want to make sure they strengthen their core muscles, as well as perform stretching exercises every single day. Staying flexible is key to avoiding injury, especially as a player gets older.

What are the top five basketball injuries that players suffer?

A Gaithersburg Maryland basketball injury doctor treats a variety of injuries that basketball players suffer while playing the game. The following are the top injuries that the basketball patients who come to the Pain Arthritis Relief Center have:

  • Face and head injuries: Injuries that occur in the face or the head are often the result of getting hit in the head or an elbow to the face. Concussions are the most common. When a concussion occurs, it is best for the player to get out of the game right away and get examined by a medical professional.
  • Hand and wrist injuries: All that fighting over the basketball leads to many dislocated, sprained, and broken fingers. The ball hitting a player’s hand at high speed can also cause injuries to the wrist and hand. Wrists can also get sprained or broken if the player falls and tries to break the fall with their hands.
  • Knee injuries: Those basketball pivots do a number on players’ knees. One of the most disarming feelings a player can feel on the court is that pop from the knee. Some of the more common knee injuries sports injury doctor Gaithersburg MD provides treats are torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs), a torn medial collateral ligament (MCL), and menisci (the cartilage between the thighbone and the shinbone). One of the most disarming feelings a player can feel on the court is that pop from the knee.
  • Hip and thigh injuries: While contusions and bruises suffered in a game will eventually heal on their own, pivoting can also cause issues with the hip flexor muscles.
  • Ankle and foot injuries: Low ankle sprains are very common injuries for basketball players. High ankle sprains are much more devastating than low ankle sprains and in some cases could require surgery to heal the injury.

If you have suffered a basketball injury, contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center to meet with a dedicated basketball injury doctor Gaithersburg, Maryland patients recommend. Call our office today to find out how we can help.