Back Injury physical therapy Rockville, MD

As we may tell you during a consultation, if you are experiencing intense back pain, then chances are you can benefit from back injury physical therapy Rockville, MD patients trust at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center. It is estimated that eight out of every ten people will endure symptoms related to back pain at one point in their life or another. While bed rest used to be recommended after a back injury, this may no longer be the case for most patients.

If you are interested in learning more about how chiropractic care and physical therapy can help your back injury, then please call us at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center today.

Get Moving, But Safely
Today’s chiropractors may recommend that you continue your daily activities as soon as you can after the injury. Of course, we do not want you to move if you are dealing with significant pain, but if you can tolerate gentle stretching activities at-home then we may suggest doing so everyday. A comprehensive care plan for a back injury may include stretching, exercises, spinal adjustments, massage, and more. Exercises and stretches can be done three times a day, and then when you do not have back pain, once a day may be best for preventing problems in the future. 

About Physical Therapy

If you are dealing with back pain that has lasted longer than two weeks, then we will probably suggest coming in for a consultation to see if our physical therapy program can work for you. More simple methods such as applying cold or heat packs to the area of pain may help, however, due to the complex nature of back injuries it is best to get treatment recommendations from a physical therapy professional.

The first thing your doctor for physical therapy Rockville, MD residents depend on may do is determine what type of back pain you are dealing with. For example, after an exam your doctor can identify where the source of the pain is originating from, whether it is acute or chronic, and what approaches will be best for recovery. We may suggest the following solutions for treating your back pain: 

  • Repeated Motion: If the problem is stemming from pressure on the nerve due to a bulging disk, a program that entails repeated movements may help. With nerve pressure conditions, pain may travel down the leg accompanied with tingling, weakness, and numbness.
  • Stabilization: Stabilization exercises can be helpful for people who injured themselves because of moving their back in a way that is not normal for the spine, or have pain associated with getting out of a chair or turning over in bed. Such a condition can occur when deep abdomen muscles that help stabilize the spine are weak. Through physical therapy, we can help you build the muscles you need to move around with more stability, and how to engage with the correct set of muscles during activity.

If you would like to hear more about how a doctor for Maryland back injury physical therapy in Rockville can help you alleviate serious back pain, then please call the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center right now!