Acupuncture Covered by Medicare for Low Back Pain in Washington DC

Acupuncture Covered by Medicare for Low Back Pain Washington DCIf you are covered by Medicare, you can receive acupuncture for low back pain in the Washington, D.C. area. For those living with lower back pain, even the simplest movements can be painful and hard to bear. Acupuncture is one highly effective, natural treatment that is suitable for many types of ailments. It can be used to provide long-lasting relief from back pain that makes it hard to do everyday movements like walk, run, bend or sit down. However, relief is available.

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Acupuncture Covered by Medicare for Low Back Pain in Washington DC

If you are seeking low back pain acupuncture covered by Medicare in Washington DC

Pain Arthritis Relief Center has many treatments available for all of your health and wellness needs. We understand how financial difficulties can be obstacles in your treatment plan. At the Pain Arthritis Relief Center we work with patients who have Medicare so that they can receive the treatments that they need. Give our center a call to learn more about our services available for Medicare recipients. 

How Acupuncture Relieves Back Pain

As a centuries old Chinese medicinal practice, acupuncture is a basic treatment method that is meant to change the energy flow within your body by affecting the response in the nervous system. Eastern medicinal philosophy is centered around the belief that complications in the body are caused when energy is not properly flowing. By targeting the energy imbalances in your body, the flow will be redirected, helping to minimize your pain and reduce the severity of your symptoms like inflammation, soreness, and stiff muscles. 

Acupuncturists relieve low back pain by putting needles in the spots where the pain occurs. The needles are put in specific points along the skin. By putting the needles in targeted areas, they help to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Rather than using foreign substances that can produce harmful side effects, the needles encourage the body to correct the imbalances within. 

What to Expect From Your Acupuncture Session 

The first acupuncture session can be nerve-wracking. When you first begin your session, you will sit in a comfortable chair where you can recline. The acupuncturist finds the problem areas in your body that contain imbalances, and the needles are put in that area. Once they find out where to put the needles, they will determine the number of needles to be used, which depends on your specific ailment. If you have a mild pain issue, then it may only require a few needles. Each session lasts from about 20 minutes or up to an hour for more severe conditions. You may need to attend multiple sessions to see results. 

Learn More About Acupuncture 

For patients who are seeking natural, holistic pain relief methods that do not carry the same risks as harmful surgery or powerful medications, our center has the services that can benefit you. Call us now to learn more about acupuncture for low back pain if you are a Washington DC resident.