ACL Injury Doctor Rockville, MD ACL Injury Doctor Rockville, MD

You were running on your favorite trail and made a sharp turn. A snapping sound in your knee followed by pain resulted; a signal of a torn ACL. If it’s bad enough, your knee may swell and become stiff – even before you get home. You visit an ACL injury doctor in Rockville, MD who determines what treatment is right for you. Depending on the severity of the tear, you may require surgery. Otherwise, you may be recommended various treatments, including:


One of the first components of ACL healing will be rest. This is important so that the body diverts more resources to the injured ACL. During this time, the torn ligament will receive an excess of oxygen and other nutrients that will be vital to recovery. The less moving around you do, the better. You should discuss this with your ACL injury doctor in Rockville, MD for further explanation. 

Physical Therapy

Once your knee has had some time to rest, you may be advised to participate in physical therapy sessions. These may be included in your treatment plan even if you do require surgery. Physical therapy will encourage improved strength, mobility, and flexibility. The result is typically a reduction in pain, and improved healing time. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP has become one of the most commonly utilized treatments for musculoskeletal injuries, including ACL tears. The treatment will involve your blood being drawn and spun into a centrifuge where plasma is isolated. As a form of regenerative medicine, patients may benefit from a faster recovery time. PRP treatment is available at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. We encourage you to speak with a sports injury doctor Rockville, MD has to offer to learn more about this innovative treatment. 

Manual Therapy

As your ACL heals, it is possible for scar tissue to develop both in and around the ligament. Also known as adhesions, this tissue build up can actually cause mobility problems, as well as a struggle for the leg muscles to stabilize the knee. Manual therapy may be recommended to deal with these issues. The technique is usually manually performed by a therapist or knee doctor. The intention is to carefully break up the scar tissue around the ACL, knee, and supporting muscles. 


Cupping is a technique derived from Eastern medicine. Specially designed cups are sealed to the skin using a vacuum pump (or sometimes heat). The intention is to lift the skin within the cup; thereby, creating space for the blood to flow to, and around, the knee. Faster blood flow can lead to faster healing. 

Begin Healing Your ACL Tear at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center in Rockville, Maryland

At the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we offer custom treatment plans for ACL tears. Many of our patients are able to avoid knee surgery, or benefit from the extra care we provide to them following an operative procedure. Your plan will likely include various therapeutic techniques which may lead to:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved mobility in the joint
  • Increased joint stability
  • Faster recovery time

To explore how we can help you, and to speak with an ACL injury doctor in Rockville, MD, call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center today.