Acupuncture Treatment for Injuries

Chiropractic Care

Many people struggle with how to recuperate from injuries, and acupuncture treatment can help you heal on many levels. Injuries may be traumatic or repetitive, with the result being damaged tissues and pain. Medical therapy for trauma, while initially beneficial, may not have as much to offer after the initial acute stage of injury.  Acupuncture, soft tissue massage, chiropractic, and other physical treatments can help to reduce reinjury and internalization of the damage to a deeper state. A licensed acupuncturist can help reduce neck and back pain and different types of pain caused by injuries. They use diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that see the individual body and mind holistically.

Injury happens in many ways, and the body response is unique, as well.  Whether it’s a broken bone from a motor vehicle accident or a torn ligament from a sporting event, there is an array of mental and physical changes that occur immediately and over time. Right after the event, the injured person suffers pain, reduced capacity, and possibly trouble sleeping, all of which are stressful and impair healing.  

Pain medications, such as opiates can have an immediate benefit to allow rest for healing. But their addictive nature causes new problems that can impede healing overall. Drugs which alter consciousness can make an injured person more likely to reinjure themselves or others. Also, the body in its injured state may have trouble with the toxicity of certain medications and have difficulty eliminating them. Not everyone wants to use medications following injury for these reasons. On an energetic level, drugs and medicines are seen to cover up problems rather than getting to the source. While it may feel good to remove pain or muscle spasm immediately following an injury, that may not be the most desirable course of action in the long run.

Acupuncture treatment is helpful because it attends to the immediate problem and helps to remove the deepening issues that occur with time. Once the bone is set or the rotator cuff repaired surgically, patients can benefit from acupuncture and massage treatment to dedicated channels to help the body-mind relax and reorient. Acupuncture works on channel theory wherein the body is viewed as coursed by energetic pathways called channels or meridians. These channels correspond to body parts, organs, and mental states.  Acupuncture treatment focuses on balancing these channels using acupuncture point stimulation via small, fine needles inserted along the channels. Different treatments can be for each person relating to the dedicated channel, depth of injury, type of injury, and other factors. Essential oil massage is used along connected channels to improve healing response and provide a means for patients to continue treatment at home with the essential essence if they wish. 

If you have suffered an injury, consider acupuncture care. An acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC can help you, call today for a consultation.



Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center at Eastowne for their insight into chiropractic care and treatment for injuries.