Acupuncture for Foot Pain


Acupuncture treatment can help heal foot pain from a variety of causes. Many people who experience foot pain suffer tremendously. The full weight of our body rests on these two relatively small structures, and our feet take the brunt of our activities, our footwear choices, even our weight. Many people suffer from foot pronation or dropped arches as the result of standing too long on their feet or other causative factors, which contributes to foot pain. Lower extremity disorders are a significant cause of disability in the US and can affect a person’s ability to work, exercise, and participate in daily activities. Worse, it’s virtually impossible to truly `rest` our feet for very long because we need to be able to walk to do most activities.  It is essential to take a holistic vantage point when dealing with foot pain and to see the problem from different angles to know how to reduce pain effectively. A Licensed Acupuncturist, like an acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC, can help by focusing on improving the qi flow in the body in general and in the lower extremity, in particular, using a variety of means. 

An acupuncturist is trained in body mechanics and anatomy as well as in Chinese medicine theory and techniques including acupuncture, Chinese massage, and holistic nutrition. Your acupuncturist will evaluate your stance- the way you hold yourself when you walk and stand, reveals a lot about your feet and legs and hips- the kinetic chain of connected body parts, all critical considerations in the treatment of foot pain. She will palpate involved muscles and ligaments of the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, and even the back to determine areas of tension and pain. A skillful acupuncturist will make a complete medical history before applying any treatment to understand the cause of the current situation. It is essential to recognize what causes the problem-this helps as she attempts to help you reduce the likelihood of further injury, as well. She will take your wrist pulses to determine levels of balance in the Chinese medicine channels to further arrive at a diagnosis for treatment purposes.  She will likely look at your tongue to see if there are signs of dampness, dryness, inflammation, or other factors that can impede healing.

Chinese medicine practitioners, while they do not prescribe drugs or medications such as pain pills or prescription muscle relaxers; nevertheless will recommend diet and nutrition changes to support healing in general, and to increase qi flow along specific channels. Additionally, your acupuncturist may perform soft tissue massage, including cupping massage to reduce adhesions and trigger points along affected pathways in particular muscles associated with your foot pain. She will insert acupuncture needles at specific acupoints along the blocked channels to induce a healing response. 

Effective treatment for foot pain is available using Chinese medicine techniques. While it is different from that available through western medicine, it is nevertheless useful and multimodal, aimed at the source and relatively free of side-effects.


Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture for their insight into acupuncture and its benefits.