The Second Visit is a Report of Findings


In the chiropractic or acupuncture office, we obtain a lot of valuable information is during the first encounter that helps in the development of a treatment plan. The ultimate goal is to help patients improve their health and well-being. The Report of Findings healthcare visit is a scheduled opportunity to discuss healthcare concerns and information discovered in the exam and patient history and to understand how treatment can help, how long it will take and get answers to many questions. The initial treatment is generally also scheduled following this visit, so it is an important visit to plan thoughtfully and to keep.  

Chiropractic healthcare recognizes the connection between posture, the spine, the nervous system, and general health. During the chiropractic report of findings, patients learn about how their posture affects their body and mind- for instance, anterior head carriage or cervical lordosis relates to many types of headaches and shoulder pain. An initial patient photo taken during this visit can help demonstrate postural issues. A written summary of regions of vertebral subluxation can help explain why areas of your neck and back are tender or hurt and illustrate the importance of chiropractic care to your spine, posture and nervous system. During the ROF you will learn about how the extremities are affected by the spine. For instance, the nerves from your low back lumbar spine travel to your legs and feet.  Pain in the back will eventually affect the feet and legs, and the opposite is true, as well. Your chiropractor may address x-ray and MRI, and other test findings during this visitor may order these tests if more information is needed.

Similarly, an acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC relies on sees the body and mind as holistic entities with one area affecting the other. For instance, carpel tunnel syndrome affecting the wrist may harm the metal yang channel that travels from the thumb to the face, and interiorly to the large intestine and lung. Back pain at the level of T3 which is metal yin shu connects with CTS; it helps to understand connections to understand the treatment proposed. During the acupuncture ROF, your acupuncturist will describe which of the five elements and their corresponding channels needs support to obtain balance in your system. She will explain what the acupuncture treatment looks and feels like, and propose a treatment plan.  

Chiropractic and acupuncture treatment share the goal of helping the body heal itself. You will need a series of visits with time intervening to allow the body to change. At the ROF, you can schedule a series of visits to fulfill treatment needs. Bring your calendar and a way to take notes.


Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight chiropractic care and the second visit.